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Airbnb Tokyo / Suppose Design Office


来自建筑事务所的描述。Airbnb在日本新宿开设了全新的东京办公室。Airbnb始终致力于创造既愉快又实用的功能性工作空间,反映了Airbnb的文化并结合了当地的设计特征,创造“Belong Anywhere”的精神氛围。东京的办公室让人联想到社区,强化了Airbnb邻里指南的工作重心。在接待区和咖啡厅区,一条木制的路径通向了一系列类似的会议室,这些会议室采用了基于Airbnb现有房源的独特外部覆层和内部设计。Airbnb的环境小组与Suppose Design Office以及当地建筑师们密切合作,构思了这个500平方米的办公空间。

Text description provided by the architects. Airbnb is delighted to unveil its new Tokyo office in Shinjuku, Japan. Airbnb continues its mission to create functional workspaces that are enjoyable, practical and reflect Airbnb’s culture and ‘belong anywhere’ ethos with reference to local identity and design. The Tokyo office is reminiscent of a neighborhood, reinforcing Airbnb’s new neighborhood guide focus. From the reception and caf area, a wooden path leads to a series of building-like meeting rooms, designed using distinctive exterior cladding and interiors based on existing Airbnb listings. Airbnb’s Environments Team worked closely with local architects, Suppose Design Office, to create a 500 sqm office space.




环境小组对Airbnb驻东京的员工进行了细致的研究和详细的采访,形成对最初方案和平面的概念。他们与Suppose Design Office合作构思了方案布局和设计元素。Airbnb东京办公室的前身是由一系列有限公共空间的公司套房组成,这样的空间限制了员工的交流和互动。而现在员工可以使用一系列的工作配置,包括公共工作桌、可调节高度的桌子、项目桌、私人和半私人电话亭、休息室和咖啡馆等进行交流活动。这是更健康的工作环境,同时可以增加社交和互动,呼应“Belong Anywhere”的工作概念。

The Environments Te七巧板拼图,毛衣编织花样,黑米的功效与作用am conduc嫉妒的密码国语版全集ted extensive research and detailed interviews with Airbnb’s Tokyo-based employees to conceptualize the initial program and floor plan. They collaborated with Suppose Design Office to develop the layout and design elements. The former Airbnb Tokyo office consisted of a series of corporate suites with limited communal space, which restricted employee communication and engagement. Employees can now use a range of work configurations including communal work tables, heigkmspicht adjustable desks, project tables, private and semi-private phone booths, lounges and cafes. This makes for healthy ergonomic movement, increased s北京太平间守夜员急招oci忠犬更可欺alizing and engagement, a贺秋实nd a ‘belong anywhere’ work concept.




In response to employee feedback, nature was heavily incorporated into the neqq大盗w design to create a peaceful working space where employees can escape the chaotic urban environment of the local area in Shinjuku. When employees enter the office, they are transported into a tranquil setting surrounded by plants. The reception area is reminiscent of an outdoor caf with a double height atrium that floods with natural light and park inspired work areas with wooden communal tables and green flooring.



A key element of the office is the Engawa, an elevated platform covered with Tatami mats inspired by traditional Japanese culture. Employees can remove their shoes and take a seat on one of the cushions where they can enjoy the spectacular view of Shinjuku. The tea house phone booths are made from local white oak and rice paper film to emulate the soft glow of a typical Japanese tea house.


在设计空间时最大的挑战漠道难度是使用固定不变的天花板低高度、以及较为单一的天花板瓷砖,这是东京典型建筑特征。员工希望能够调整天花板,使空间感觉更大更亮。作为回应上文众申,Sup桃色娇妻之我是大魔王pose Design Office和环境小组构想了一个方案,将黑色的天花板与吊灯结合在一起,消隐石萱上方空间,给人们一种天花板更高、空间更大的印象。

One of the biggest challenges when designing the space was working with fixed low ceiling height, typical ofwizb architecture in Tokyo, and monotonous ceiling tiles. Employees expressed a key need to adapt the ceiling to make the space feel bigger and brighter. In response, Suppose Design Office and the Environments Team formulated a design that incorporated a black ceiling with dropped lighting so that 益可粒the plane above disappeared and gave the impression of a higher ceiling and a bigger space.


除了建筑施工,位于东京的承包商Setup还受委托为办公室定制桌子,为了支持当地工艺,制造商New Light Pottery也受邀定制照明设施。Suppose Design Office设计的咖啡谌天舒馆灯光,让人联想起漂浮在空中的灯笼,壁灯的灵感来自户外街道照明,同时还使用当地的木材和黑色金属制作了简单实用的桌子。

In addition to the architectural construction, Tokyo-based contractor Setup was commissioned to create bespoke tables for the office and local manufacturer, New Light Pottery, was commissioned to realize bespoke lighting designs, supporting local craftsmanship. Suppose Design Office developed caf lighting reminis洗衣屋cent of lanterns floating up into aotm奥特曼8兄弟the sky, wall sconces inspired by outdoor street lighting and custom-made simple and functional tables, crafted from local wood with black metal accents.



In Airbnb’s ongoing global office design, the local city and its culture are highlighted in the main office spa苏眠秦北蓦ce and meeting rooms are ins福建师范大学校园网pired by Airbnb listings from around the world to allow employees to travel throughout their day. In the new Tokyo office, rooms are inspired by international listings from Prague, Tijuana, and Barcelona.


环境小组在设计体验(EDX)项目中与当地员工合作,为房间添加了装饰物品,并将其真实地表现出来。Tijuana房间里的大部分艺术品和装饰都由当地员工Saori Okura的母亲捐赠。多年来,她一直在墨西哥旅行的同时收集文物,并且很乐意进行捐赠。

The Environments Team engaged with local employees in an Employee Design Experience (EDX) program to help add the finishing touches to the rooms and bring them to l谷子好ife. The majority of authentic artwork and dcor in the Tijuana room was donated by the mother of one o素秋园f the local employees, Saori Okura. She had traveled through Mexico and collected artifacts over the years that she was excited to donate.


建筑事务所:Suppose Design Office


面积:500.0 m2


摄影:Studio Periphery

Architects: Suppose Design Office

Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Area: 500.0 m2

Project Year: 2016

Photographs: Studio Periphery

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